Sunday, December 6, 2009

ESRI's European User Conference 2009 - Asides and Slides

In October 2009 HNIT-Baltic hosted ESRI's European Users Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. I attended as an ambassador for ArcGIS Server, its Web APIs, and MapIt. This was my first foray into eastern Europe, and it turned out quite simply fantastic. Discussions with users and partners were spirited and exciting, and attendees in my sessions were engaged. The folks I met that work at HNIT-Baltic were exceptionally knowledgable and courteous, and simply ready for the next challenge.

The city itself was inviting, fresh, and personal. And I discovered a few things during my adventure: Lithuanians enjoy pizza with ketchup, because I was told it "adds flavor"; shopping malls look like factories on the outside, but they rival the best of So Cal on the inside, with better prices; and if you see a glass of water on a table at a party... it's probably vodka.

I've included a montage of a few photos I snapped with my trusty iPhone while in Vilnius (press "P" to pause).

If you attended the EUC in Vilnius or just want to view the conference materials, you can view and download the plenary and paper session materials from HNIT-Baltic.

To peruse the technical sessions I presented, I've made PDF versions of the session slides available below:
Building Mashups with ArcGIS Server
Building Great Web Map Applications
Whats New in ArcGIS Server 9.3.1